Atkins Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthier


Eat More and Lose More Fat with the Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet: Can You Lose Weight and Get Healthier

With the new year approaching, losing weight is often something that’s at the forefront of everyone’s minds. People want to better themselves, and you’re not an exception to that. One of the target areas is actually one’s weight, and that can be done through certain diets. One of the most popular diets out there for people to use, is the Atkins diet. This diet has been known to help lose weight, and you might wonder if you can achieve the full benefits of this as well. Well guess, what? You’re in luck. This article will tell you all about the Atkins diet, and answer the question that you’ve been wondering for a while: whether or not you can lose weight and be way healthier through the use of the Atkins diet.

What is it?

So, what is this remarkable diet? Well, it’s essentially the original low-carb diet plan to help you lose weight in an effective manner, that’s also satisfying as well, and allows you to balance the weight loss while still eating healthy, delicious foods.

Recent studies have shown that carbs are not your friend. These are essentially sugars, and when we burn carbs, that’s how our blood sugar levels spike and drop, and often, if we continue to have these spikes in sugar, it actually causes more hunger, and more cravings. More cravings, means way more eating, and eventually, weight gain.

Atkins essentially does the following:

  • Limit carb intake
  • Improve fat intake
  • Improve protein intake.

Essentially, what this diet is, is it’s a four-part diet with different phases. Each plan allows for the person to find the right balance that’s ideal for not just weight loss, but also keeping it off. It actually can allow you to keep the same eating patterns, just with way better food options.

Essentially, it’s taking out all of those high-carb foods that we have, and making it easier for you to lose weight. You’ll be working on burning the fat storages.

What do you Eat on it?

What you eat on it is simple you want to have more nutrient-dense foods, those with lots of vitamins and minerals, more protein, a lot of high-fiber vegetables to aid in digestion, and a lot of healthy fats. Lots of times, people say that fat is awful for you, that you shouldn’t have fat. But, if you have fat, you’ll actually be fuller for longer, get more vitamins and minerals out of it, and you’ll have spikes and cravings, which is unfortunately something that you get from diets that are high in fat, low in carbs.

Lots of people have the wrong idea about fat. That’s because fat you consume is often associated with fat that’s on your body, but they’re actually a bit different in a sense. Fat actually contains a lot of different vitamins and minerals, and it’s much more nutrient dense. With Atkins, you want to work on getting a lot of protein and fat to keep you full, but also a lot of nutrient-dense veggies to help keep your body at the peak it can be, and make weight loss possible.

Some great options include:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Lean meats
  • High fat vegetables
  • Low glycemic index fruits

Typically, you can as you progress, start to eat seeds, legumes, fruits that are low on the glycemic index, and eventually, those whole grains. You take out whole grains for a while, but eventually, you can have some carbs, but they’re whole grains, instead of refined grains that are in a lot of processed foods.

You’re essentially trying to get rid of the processed foods, and move towards whole, natural foods so you can give your body the health and energy that it needs.

When you begin, you will only be allowed to have a certain number of carbs, but that slowly increases, and you will begin to notice how you can handle it. Usually, during the first phase you only get to have 20 grams, and that results in a lot of weight loss, so it’s a good way to kick start your diet, and you can slowly move up from there.

How it helps Diabetes

With this diet, you’re limiting the amount of carbs. For those with diabetes, having carbs causes a spike in both going up and down on their sugar levels. That causes them to have insulin levels that they can’t control. Sugar can also make them gain weight, and other diabetic problems as well.

With this diet, it can help those that have trouble controlling their sugar. That’s because, with diabetes, it actually is a limited amount of carbs. You’re watching over how many carbs you’re having each day, and the Atkins diet also limits the amount that you can have as well. 20 grams of carbs is actually not a whole lot, and for those that are on insulin and have diabetes, it can allow them to have better control. It allows for fat to be burned instead of sugar, and it can help with those that are trying to reverse the instances of type 2 diabetes as well. You don’t have to worry about the sugar highs and lows, and it allows for a steady intake of sugar, which allows for better results.

With this as well, you’re also controlling the amount of glycemic foods you can have. For example, lots of high glycemic foods are nixed from this list, and there are studies that have shown that by doing this, it actually creates a lot of great benefits among those that have type 2 diabetes. There are more studies being made every single day, and it is continuing to address this issue. The Atkins diet is actually a great one if you do want to address this.

Carb restrictions also affect the blood glucose by doing the following:

  • Lowering it
  • Improving the glucose tolerance

This will help you handle more glucose in a healthy manner, and not throw your blood sugar levels out of whack.

Simply put, the Atkins diet is a solution not just for those that lose weight, but also for those that struggle with diabetes as well.

How You lose Weight with It

With the Atkins diet, it actually will help you keep the weight off as well. Your typical diet does have a key part in how you burn your fuel, and how you lose weight. Typically, everyone’s metabolism either uses two types of energy: fat, or sugar. If you use sugar, it actually can cause you to go between the highs and the lows. Too much sugar causes you to feel a whole bunch of energy, but then the lows happen, and you begin to crave more carbs and sugar, and for many, that actually is why many try to lose weight, but they can’t, or because it fluctuates too much.

With Atkins, you’re getting steady sugar levels, so your body will start to burn fat. You’re eating foods with low glycemic indexes, and because of that, once the glucose is burnt, which doesn’t take long, your body goes straight to the fat storage that is there. It’ll burn the fat that’s there instead, and because fat has more calories, it’ll actually help to reduce the number of cravings that you have, and the hunger as well, taking out those highs and lows that people suffer from.

The weight will actually be lost, and the irony of it is, typically you’re consuming way more calories on this. You might end up eating more meals as well. This means that you’ll have energy the entire day, and also have less hunger and cravings. It’s a scientifically-proven means to help you lose weight, and it’s so simple, and yet so effective.

Basically, how you lose weight is by:

  • Staying fuller longer
  • Reducing the need to snack
  • Eliminating cravings by having healthier food with less sugar

You don’t have to do much to get started with this either, and the best part, is that when you lose the weight, you actually lose it. Those high carb low fat diets actually can cause you to yo-yo in weight, mostly because people will have a caloric deficient, cause themselves to lose some weight, but then when they start to ignore it, it will go back to normal. That’s not a healthy means to lose weight, so it’s best that you take the time to actually use a diet that works, and fortunately, Atkins does that, and so much more.

Other benefits

There are numerous other benefits to Atkins as well, not just in terms of diabetes and weight loss, but in fact, it can help in other fronts as well.

You’ll notice immediately you have more energy. That’s because, you’re consuming fats, rather than just carbs. With fats, they stay in the body for longer and it gives you a steady stream of fuel, which will not only limit the intake of carbs and hunger cravings, but it also will allow you to have more fuel for the long run.

Another benefit that has been extrapolated from this is that various studies have shown that it actually can help ease the sciences and the symptoms of seizure disorders, including epilepsy, both in adults, and in children. This is great for those especially that have childhood epilepsy, or who don’t respond normally to medications.

There are also findings that show that the low carb diet as well can help with GERD, which is acid reflux. Typically, if you have foods that are high in caffeine and carbs can contribute to this, but a low carb diet can actually prevent this from happening. More studies are being done, but there are definitely studies that show it could definitely help, which also prevents a lot of other conditions and diseases as well.

It can also help with acne.  Acne is something that’s typically caused by:

  • Bacteria buildup
  • Reactions to sugary foods and drinks

While clean skin usually eliminates the first, by reducing the sugar intake, you’ll be able to reduce the instance of acne in the body.  It also allows for:

  • Smother skin
  • Glowing skin
  • Younger skin

So yes, what you eat does affect how you look, and Atkins can help with this.

Finally, there are diseases that could actually kill you that can be prevented by going low carb. Often, people don’t even realize that heart disease, and cancer can actually be prevented with the right sort of diet. For example, low carb diets can actually help decrease the risks of hypertension, stroke, and even other heart disease factors. That’s because it also helps with blood pressure cholesterol levels, and even triglycerides, and help with inflammation as well.

Obesity is another factor, so if you do have a low carb diet, it can actually help reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Simply put, if you do decide to go low-carb, you’ll get other benefits out of this, besides losing weight and reducing your chances of diabetes. It’s time to start moving towards a healthier life, and Atkins can help you do that.

How to Get Started

What is the best way to begin with the Atkins diet? Well, I can safely say that the best way to begin on your journey is to check out this link here and take a look at the information that is presented here. Here, you’ll be able to learn more about the Atkins diet, and get started on your journey to better health and wellness from here on out.

Check this out and do the following:

  • Read up on it
  • See if it’s right for you
  • Learn how to get started

It’s time for you to get started with a new and better life for yourself, and that includes taking a look at your health and adjusting it accordingly. Luckily the Atkins diet is so simple that anyone can get started with it, and since it is a successful low-carb diet for everyone, you too will be able to get the wide array of benefits that you can get from it as well.

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