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For many of us, intermittent fasting is something that we all might shy away from. I myself have heard of it a lot, and honestly, I didn’t believe the hype. Like, how could fasting actually help me?

However, after reading Intermittent Fasting: For Super Fast Fat Loss, Improved Health, Weight Loss, and Detox, I learned that intermittent fasting is actually an awesome way to lose weight, and to have a healthy life.

All our life, we’re taught to have a certain amount of food, but sometimes, intermittent fasting is better for ourselves. I read up on how t can help you lose weight, and even protect you from various diseases including cancer! It even talks about other ways this diet can help you, including:

• Hormone regulation
• Weight loss
• Detoxifying
• Living longer

There is a lot that this diet has to offer, and it certainly was discussed well in this book. The author also gives you some actual scientific studies that have been done with this diet, on rats in particular, and that’s something I was surprised about. Most of the time, these books will tell you “this diet works and here is why” without giving scientific proof. The extra proof is certainly the way to go.

Lots of Variety

One thing I did appreciate Bill Rockwell saying in this book, is that there are different types. Typically when we hear fasting, we think of say Ramadan, or those cleanses where you only drink juice for five days. Those are what we think about, but this book showcases other ones, including the following:

• Eat stop eat
• Fasting for certain hours
• Warrior diet
• Fat Loss Forever
• Alternating Fasting Days

Now, there are a lot of different ones, and when I looked at this, I realized that I could do one of these. I’ve always been the type who would shy away from fasting. Simply put, I love to eat, and it’s hard for me to regulate that. but to find out that there are different methods of fasting, and you don’t have to stick to just one, it’s really nice, and it got me going.

When I first picked up this book, I expected it to be just your average information, but this guy gets it. he totally helped me understand just what this diet was all about. He actually used to be in my shoes, which I do appreciate. Having that connection to the author because they’ve been there before is pretty great.

Great Recipes

One other great thing that this book has that other books tend to not include, are recipes. Yeah, I’m going to be eating at different times, and not eating as much all the time, but what can I eat to the get the most weight loss that I can get?
Well, I discovered in this book that it even includes a bonus chapter as well. This chapter included the following:

• Mouth-watering recipes that you’ll be amazed by
• How to make them
• Helpful pictures that help you make sure you made the right thing

I decided to try out a few of these recipes, and they totally work. I ended up creating some helpful, wholesome meals that everyone can enjoy. It’s helped me lose weight, and I enjoy doing it now.

Helpful Exercises

I’m one of those people who hates exercise. I just don’t live an active lifestyle. But, with this book, I was able to also get some helpful exercises to keep me ion track.
These exercises are simple, in that they definitely have a lot of great elements to offer. I certainly liked them, and I’m sure you will too.

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Reviews that Matter!

Not only have I had great success with Rockwell’s book, others have as well. here are just a couple of the amazing success stories from this.

• Daisy S said: This book is a wonderful read on fasting to lose weight, loose fat and also to de-tox the body. What I really like about this book is the fact that tests were made on rats to see how this affected their bodies.
• Diana and John Jamerson said: I loved the concise nature of this book, along with the clear instructions and benefit. I highly appreciated the author not being overly wordy as some authors tend to do. I am excited to try this lifestyle change and the recipes as well.
• Kareda said: I like that it is an easy read, easily understandable, and provided a lot of interestingly thrilling studies and evidence! This book got me excited to try this and really explained it really well for me…. enough to convert me into this lifestyle! I do believe it’s healthy for me and I want to try it out…. This will be my first week! I am quite excited…thank you for this!

These are just a few of the amazing reviews that showcase how helpful this book is for anyone.

And it’s not just for those of us trying to get into shape, it’s for virtually anyone. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, or just slim up and feel better, than consider intermittent fasting. I do recommend that you read this book so that you can get a good feeling for just what this can do for you. If you’re looking to change your life by changing your diet, you’ll be able to do just that, and this book will certainly give you the step up that you need.

Intermittent Fasting: For Super Fast Fat Loss, Improved Health, Weight Loss, and Detox is a great book for those that are looking to get into intermittent fasting, and to help skyrocket your health to new heights. I know that I got a lot of benefits from it, and I’m sure that you can as well. If you’re ready to change your health, and to change your life, then it’s time that you do so right away.

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