Muscle1: Will Take You to Gains City. The Secret on How to Gain Muscle


Are you like me and are sick of not seeing gains whenever you try to work out? I’ve been trying super hard to get ripped. I’ve always wanted that crazy physique, and I’ve clamored for that for a long time. But, I finally found the product, and from the moment I used it, it utterly changed me. Muscle1 is the name of it, and It’s the best product out there if you’re looking for improving your gains, lifts, and overall body. This is what most of the biggest Jacked guys in the gym secret on How to Gain Muscle. Plus you have nothing to lose this comes with a Money Back Guarantee.

Changing Your Workout Load

For me, I started out benching, squatting, and deadlifting relatively heavy weights. But then, I hit a plateau. It was like no matter what I did, I actually couldn’t get past a certain threshold of weight. It drove me crazy, and I felt like I could never be the ripped guy that could lift a whole lot of weight.

Needless to say, it depressed me, and it made me feel like I couldn’t get anything done. I felt like I wasn’t even working towards the gains that I so desired. I knew how to workout to Gain Muscle. But I didn’t know there was levels to this and required a top notch supplement like Muscle1 to change my results.

Now, I used to be a pretty small guy. I was about 160, and I’m close to about 6 feet tall. I was small, and honestly, I was trying so hard to put on some weight, bulk up, improve my muscle state, and the like. But, I couldn’t do anything about it. I realized that I needed to do something about this, and that something, was consider the realm of supplements.

I tried a lot of things, but I actually couldn’t really get a whole lot of gains from it. But then, I tried Muscle1. Immediately, it changed me. I started to feel stronger, and I felt like I could lift anything. My bench, which was about 200 currently, went up about 50 pounds almost immediately, and now, I am definitely a lot bigger, but I have a lot more muscle.

• It even changed the following:
• I gained a ton more muscle
• I became bigger and bulkier, but not in a bad way
• I started to lift a lot more
• I just felt so confident after all of this

My deadlifts got closer to the 500 range, and my squats were easily three plates. I managed to almost get four the last time I went to the gym, and it definitely changed me. I also didn’t feel anxiety whenever I was in the gym anymore, something that was commonly a problem for me in the past.

Now, as for the weight gain, you might wonder if the weight that I gained from the moment I started until now is fat, but in truth, it’s not. I’ve gained muscle in so many places, and I actually ended up losing about five pounds of body fat as well. simply put, I was getting ripped.

I was jacked, and I realized from this that I was able to change my body, and I felt a lot more confident as well.

A Compound from Pine Needles

So, what makes this little supplement so good? Well, it’s because of a study that was done about five years back at Texas A&M where it involved extracting a small compound from the pine needles that they were researching. This compound was called 1-Andro. This compound changed the world of muscle building, and that’s the key component in all of this.
Many researchers who studied this were in utter shock at what it did, since the following happens:

• You lose fat
• You gain lean muscle
• Your strength increases
• You have overall more muscle tone

It’s insane how much of a change it made. I remember reading that some of them even had a 150 pound gain on all of their lifts. That’s insane! And this little compound works fast.

When I read that it can change you in as little as four weeks, I thought they were playing with me. There was no way that could actually work, right? Well, that’s where I was wrong. I learned from this that the components in this does change the overall composition of the body, and I learned that I got stronger, better, and I was a lot happier with the results that I got from this as well.

The little compound that changed everything was the thing that allowed me to get a whole bunch of gains from it, and honestly, I recommend this to anyone who’s looking to get crazy gains, and to truly benefit from a supplement as well.

Make it E.P. I. C.

Now this isn’t just an acronym, it’s something that you can actually use in order to get the crazy gains that you want from this. Now, the Strength1 formula that you have doesn’t just stop with the 1-Andro that’s put in there. While 1-Andro does help with the gains, it’s actually also pared with something else, in order to make you get the most gains that you can.
That is E.P.I.C and it’s not just an acronym, it’s something more. This is short for the Elite Peak Intake Complex, and this is a matrix of some of the most powerful absorption enhancing compounds that are out there. Essentially, this is also included in the supplement, along with 1-Andro. What this does, is that it will actually help with the circulation of this compound throughout the body, and in turn, it will help to optimize the effects.

The two main ingredients that work are simple, and they are:

• 1-Andro
• E.P.I.C

Together, they will yield the results you desire.

You will feel it immediately. I did feel this myself the moment I tried this. I mean, it hits you, and it does so pretty quickly. However, I didn’t realize what it does to your body as a result of this.

It’s the compound that helps you achieve the muscle physique that you so desire. what that means is you’re getting way more muscle, way more strength, cutting out the body fat, and in turn, creating the jacked up body that you want to have.

And man does it work. I was in shock at the results that I got from this, and what had happened to me.

Started from the bottom, now I’m Here

The truth is, I always wanted to be one of those muscular guys, the ones that could lift anything, and do so with ease. But, I was a scrawny guy. I had always been all my life. I tried to get jacked at first, but I wasn’t able to achieve it. I tried, tried, and tried again, and honestly, it frustrated me.

In truth, I was about to give up. I also noticed that a lot of times people didn’t notice me because I was so scrawny. I wanted to get girls to like me, and I wanted to be seen as a powerful dude, not just some weak human. But then, I started to take Muscle1, and it changed my outlook that I had regarding myself.

Now, I noticed that when I did get more muscular, I felt way more confident. I think my desire to get more muscular was the desire to be more confident. As I did this, I began to realize that I felt a lot better about myself as well. I didn’t feel like I was being pressured into any of this or anything either, but instead, I was doing what I felt was right for myself. As I continued to get more and more jacked, I began to realize that I was getting way more attention from the ladies. I felt confident, and I noticed that a lot of guys were complimenting me as well, wishing that they had the gains that I did. That’s when I told them about this supplement, and what it can do for you.
So yes, this changed me because the following happened:

• Keeps the body fully protected when working
• Protects the cells so nothing gets broken down
• Protects the muscle from reducing, and instead you’re getting gains instead of losing them
• Reduces the instance of high blood pressure

And it can give you results. I started to get the attention that I wanted, eventually getting the confidence to meet a girl who would eventually become my fiancé, and actually feel like the type of guy I wanted to be. It’s been my dream to get big, but it’s been a dream that’s been hard to achieve, simply because I was afraid. But now, I’m confident, read for action, and ready to push forward.

Results from Others

Now, I could talk on and on about the results that I got from this, but I’ll give you a couple of personal testimonials as well, and I can safely say that I do agree with their overall gains as well, since it happened to me.

• Brad from Toledo said the following: “Normally I bench 225 lbs. for four. On the second week I benched 275 lbs. for four and put up 315 lbs. what’s crazy is I have insane skin tearing pumps that I haven’t had like this in a very long time.”
• Cirilo from Fowler, California also had something to say too: “I noticed some detail coming into my cupper chest and shoulders, something I’ve never had before. I started the run weighing 236 lbs., and after 3 weeks I put on 11 pounds of lean muscle.”

These two are just some of the many stories that you can hear from this.

Protect the Body for Free with Armor 8

With this as well, they include something called Armor 8, and this is something that you should definitely consider. It’s a free addition, which makes it awesome, and it does the following:

• Keeps the body fully protected when working
• Protects the cells so nothing gets broken down
• Protects the muscle from reducing, and instead you’re getting gains instead of losing them
• Reduces the instance of high blood pressure

These are all super important things to consider. Now, it’s great to get jacked, but you need to get jacked safely. Sometimes, you can get a spike in blood pressure when you do get gains, and that can be a bit worrisome, and prevents you from getting results. Luckily, they include this free, and I certainly took advantage of it. The two of these working together turns you into the muscle powerhouse that you so desire to be.

The best part, is that Armor 8 is a FREE supplement that you get when you buy this. So not only are you obtaining better gains and amazing pumps, but you’re protecting the body as well.

It’s a free supplement and a great one to use after you take Muscle1. I love it, and I haven’t gotten hurt since I’ve started taking either supplement despite heavier lifts.

Are you ready to get gains? Well you should be ready to do so, and Muscle1 will allow you to do that, and so much more.

I Want Gains!

Are you ready to see gains? Are you ready to be a stronger, better you? Well, now is the time. I certainly am happy with the way my body is now, and I noticed the difference almost immediately. I know for a lot of us, obtaining gains is something that we all covet. We all want to be the muscular gods that we so desire, or to have the body that can lift amazing things. If you’re someone that has wanted that more than anything, but you’ve been stumped on what to do next, well it’s time for you to start taking advantage of this, and time for you to begin working on yourself.

You can get Muscle1 without any other problems right here at this link:

And if you do so right now, you’ll be able to get next business day shipping and the free Armor 8 supplement along with it as well.. If you’re someone who just clamors to have this, who just wants nothing more than for gains to be your best friend, well now is the time. You too can achieve great gains, and do what you want to do. Start taking advantage of this, and try Muscle1 today, and soon, you’ll be well on your way to gains city, without any stops on the way.

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